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An unsuspecting victim at Vancouver’s Alibi Room

We are in the midst of a revolution, whether you know it or not. For once, the great behemoths of brewing are feeling the sting of thousands of little warrior breweries. The war is on.

You’ve seen them creep into your local watering hole. You’ve seen them invade the liquor stores. Like a virus, they spread. Starting in the urban centres, craft beer takeover is going absolutely mad. Remember when pubs only carried either Molson or Budweiser products? Nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pub that doesn’t carry at least one microbrewed beer. The demand is at an all time high, and for the beer fanatic, this is a wonderful time to drink beer.

The Hoppy Ending is dedicated to celebrating this glorious revolution. The time when American beer was considered “piss” has now passed, considering the overwhelming quality of American craft beer. The same goes for Canada: it’s hard to imagine Molson Canadian was once considered superior to American lagers, considering Canada’s craft beer selection now. And what about European Imports? The likes of Stella and Heineken are now looked upon as basic European lagers: better than American, yes, but still don’t compete with our craft beers.

Think about this: in the last few years, new words have been added to our drinking lexicon: Hefeweizen, IPA, Saison. Beers are also printing the bitterness level of each beer on the labels, using the International Bitterness Units (IBUs). The selection of craft beer in most liquor stores has exploded. While the macro breweries still get optimum location within the store, more and more people walk past it to the craft beer section.

So here on The Hoppy Ending, you can expect to find weekly reviews, trends, and other fun facts about craft beer. Whether you’re just discovering your beer palette, or you’re a seasoned double-IPA-guzzler, you’re sure to find something new and cool on here!


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