Back to Basics: The Cask Beer Advantage

You may have seen it advertised at a local pub. Or maybe you’ve never heard of them. But let me tell you this: when you see there is a beer on cask… you get it.

What the hell is Cask Beer?
Well, essentially it’s the freshest, tastiest beer you can get. Unlike your regular tapped kegs, the cask is brewed for the specific purpose to be drank immediately. Therefore, the beer is unpasteurized and contains no artificial preservatives. What does this do? This means the yeast remains active within the cask, creating a second fermentation where the beer is matured. This means that when the cask is poured, the beer in the glass is as fresh as it gets.

Why should you order Cask Beer?
Well, aside from the obvious fact that cask beer is higher quality than draught beer, guess what… it’s cheaper too! How can the highest quality beer also be the cheapest? Simple. The beer is conditioned to last only a few days, so it needs to go fast. An easy way to do that is to offer it at a reasonable price.

Order Cask Beer Immediately
For many establishments that have cask beer, chances are there will be a following who are there specifically for that cask beer. With this in mind, cask beer can go fast. Popular craft beer pubs (The Alibi Room and St. Augustine’s in Vancouver) will usually see casks go within the hour, depending on the size.

Enjoy the show
Traditional keg beer is artificially pressurized and is dispensed through the taps from this pressure. Cask beer is different. A hand pump is used to pull the beer from the cask into the glass. It somewhat agitates the beer to create some head in the beer. Watching the bartender pour a cask beer is a reminder of how beer was supposed to be served. Since cask beer utilizes old brewing practices, being served a tall pint of cask beer from a hand pump is just another reason to order cask.

And that’s the cask beer advantage!

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