Monthly Archives: March 2013

Gateway Beers – The Macro’s Contribution to Craft Beer

I give Molson and the other big boys a hard time for trying to enter the craft beer market with beers that are anything but. Brands like Rickard’s, Alexander Keith’s, and to a certain extent, Granville Island, are all pushing their beers as craft beer. It always upset me that some people believe those are […]

The Tasting Room: Essential Component for Craft Beer Community

As the BC Government recently amended their liquor laws to allow breweries to have on-site tasting rooms, BC craft beer drinkers are rejoicing. Even though some sticky catch-22 bylaws are making it difficult for Vancouver breweries to open tasting rooms (see here), we have no doubt they’ll figured it out and give the masses what […]

Beers Are in Session

Most first-time craft beer drinkers will likely discover early on that they get drunk a lot faster than when they drink macro-brewed beer. Whenever I take a craft beer noob to the Alibi Room in Vancouver, I always have to give them a bit of a warning: “Listen, these ain’t your average beers, dude.” And […]