The ‘Other’ Craft Beer Retailers in Vancouver

If you are a craft beer nerd in Vancouver, you know the top places to get craft beer in Vancouver:

Brewery Creek Cold Beer & Wine
3045 Main St. Vancouver BC

Firefly Fine Wines and Ales
2857 Cambie St. Vancouver BC

Legacy Liquor Store
1633 Manitoba St. Vancouver BC

But are these the only places with amazing craft beer selection? Nope. While every liquor these days carries at least some craft beer, there are other private stores that actually have a decent selection of craft beer (especially considering the size of the store).

Here are a few that I’m pretty impressed with:

Kitsilano Cold Beer & Wine Store
2291 West Broadway Vancouver BC

Darby’s Liquor Store
2001 MacDonald St. Vancouver BC

Crosstown Liquor Store
568 Abbott St. Vancouver BC

East Side Liquor Store
1441 E. 41st Ave. Vancouver BC

Know of any other decent liquor stores in Vancouver that have great craft beer selection? Comment below!

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