33 Acres: Vancouver’s new brewery and tasting room

Vancouver’s brewery creek district is set to become a hub of brewing activity (if you don’t already know). With R&B already up and running for years, others are already rushing in to make it a true craft beer ‘hood. Brassneck, Main Street, Red Truck, Bomber, and Steel Toad are all slated to open. And one newbie has finally opened its doors: 33 Acres.


33 Acres is a welcome addition to Vancouver’s brewing community — everyone has been waiting for some sort of opening since all of these breweries were announced. But now we can finally rejoice and start relaxing in Vancouver’s newest tasting room.

The 33 Acres tasting room embodies the basic black-on-white approach found in its logo. Very basic, but very welcoming. With beer names reflecting zen-like thoughts (“Life” and “Ocean”) rather than the style of beer, the 33 Acres experience seems to come together when sipping their suds amongst the green plants and white walls.


33 Acres Tasting Room – 15 W 8th Ave. Vancouver BC

Also located in the tasting room is a door that leads to a balcony that overlooks the brewery. While not always open, it can be a treat for the guests to come in, sip some beer while looking down at the place of production. This is a kind of unique experience I reference in my post detailing successful craft beer tourism.


Looking down at the brewery

Currently the brewery isn’t serving full pints, as it will take time to usher in the new local bylaws on tasting lounges. But until then, 33 Acres is currently pouring their two staple beers, a California Common and a Northwest Pale Ale, as well as a seasonal, in tasting glasses. And of course they fill growlers on site, too. 

The next brewery to open in Metro Vancouver is Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers (August 23rd, 2013), followed (hopefully) by Brassneck Brewing, which has been delayed and delayed and delayed, and EVERYONE is waiting to check out their tasting room. You can bet The Hoppy Ending will be all over these new tasting rooms — especially when the tasting rooms become tasting lounges.

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