The Brewery Vancouver Needs Right Now: Brassneck

I rarely get this giddy over a brewery, but there is a reason for my behaviour. Brassneck Brewery just opened on Main Street at 6th Avenue in Vancouver. Yes, there have been numerous openings by many other breweries recently. So what makes this one so special?

Brassneck Brewery


First of all, Nigel Springthorpe from the legendary Alibi Room and brewer Conrad Gmoser formerly of Steamworks Brewing are notorious figures in Vancouver’s craft beer community. So naturally when these two decide to open up a brewery, it’s going to make rumblings.

Second, this brewery is revolved around its tasting room and growler station. This is a great idea, considering being located on a busy and popular street, and the fact tasting lounges (thankfully) are allowed to exist.

The tasting room — and its awareness among the general population — is finally starting to catch on in Vancouver. In places like Portland and San Diego, the tasting room is already heavily embedded in the craft beer scene. And Brassneck reminds me of breweries found in these craft beer hotbeds, thus proving Vancouver’s craft beer scene is finally grazing the bar set by Portland and San Diego.

Brassneck Brewery

Very cool place to drink beer

The third reason why I’m so stoked on Brassneck Brewery is the obvious one: the beer! This beer is not only delicious, but the selection is diverse and creative. Conrad outdid himself with the opening selections, including an Imperial Stout, White IPA, dry-hopped Extra Pale Ale, Pre-Prohibition Corn Lager, and a wet-hopped Belgian Pale.

The cherry on top is their food-truck program, which I mentioned was a great element for tasting rooms to use (see here). Other breweries in Vancouver are starting to get on board with the various food trucks, too.

Brassneck Brewery

Beers, anyone?



Overall, the reason why I’m giving Brassneck so much praise is because they are the model brewery and tasting room to raise the bar of the craft beer scene in Vancouver.   


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