Green Leaf Brewing Co. is worth the trip

Green Leaf Brewing Co. VancouverSet your sights on Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver! Last December, Green Leaf Brewing opened up right in the market — making for a much needed beer stop in an otherwise beer-less market. This marked the 22nd craft brewery to open in Metro Vancouver (there are now 23 with the recent opening of Black Kettle Brewing — currently five more under construction, and one imminent to opening).

Green Leaf Brewing Co.What I like right away about Green Leaf is its location within the market. It’s right by the front doors with giant windows peering into the brewery to draw in the curious, and attract the already converted. Given the amount of tourists who check out the market, it’s a great spot to showcase the craft beer scene in Vancouver, which can’t be said for majority of breweries.

Green Leaf Brewing Co.The tasting room is more like a tasting bar — since it’s essentially just another vendor in the market, there isn’t much room for an array of tables. No, instead there is just a lone bar — but a long one. Patrons can cozy up and try the three varieties — a stout, pale ale, and an IPA. And since there isn’t much space, you’re also in the same room as the brewing vessels — it is always a treat to be drinking the product directly beside where it’s made.

Pale Ale Green Leaf Brewing Co.Overall, a really great addition to the scene — and a great addition to the already cluster of “tourist” breweries (those who are located in high traffic tourist spots). Their line up is small, but will definitely grow over time — they have eight tap handles, so hopefully they will all be in use at one time — I’d expect a hefeweizen to show its face at some point during the summer.

As for upcoming breweries, as mentioned above, Black Kettle recently opened — so expect a review soon. And Bomber Brewing is pretty much ready to open and are awaiting the green light.

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