Vancouver Craft Beer Week – Bigger each year

In only its fifth year, Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) is taking Vancouver by storm… again. Last year I wrote that the event finally went mainstream, with coverage on all major news stations and in the major newspapers. So with that achievement last year, what will we see this year?

Well, we’ve already seen a ton of coverage — with mentions of VCBW in news segments on CBC, Global TV, CityTV, and more. On the radio — not just The Peak, who are sponsors — they’re talking craft beer and VCBW in the same sentence. So what can VCBW promise you this year?

With a record number of breweries opening this year — that sentence has now become overused and cliched — we can finally start to taste the suds of the new breweries. Highlights will include Steel & Oak and Dageraad, the latter being Burnaby’s answer to real Belgian-style ales. It’s an exciting place to try local beers from breweries you’ve only read about — finally you can put a taste to the name.

And what about the events? Even though Hoppapalooza sold out faster than people could hit the refresh button, there is still another “all-you-can-drink” soiree at the opening night party. And the 70+ breweries at the Tasting Festival at the Olympic Village is the ultimate culmination of everything VCBW is about.

At the rate this festival is growing, you can expect it to become even more mainstream. I predict a citywide countdown with the final tasting festival in the grand stage of BC Place (at least that’s what VCBW is hoping for… and so am I). Considering all the new breweries that will be participating by next year, and attendees becoming advocates recruiting future festival goers for next year, there is no question the stock of VCBW is hot!



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