Vancouver’s Main Street Brewing Company now open!

Main Street Brewing Tasting Room

Main Street Brewing Tasting Room

Main Street Brewing Company has finally opened. This one has been a long time coming – it’s been over a year since they planned on opening a brewery. This new addition to Brewery Creek is most definitely welcome – especially when neighbours Brassneck and 33 Acres are maxed out most weekends.

A couple things that are special about Main Street Brewing’s new facility that I think are worth mentioning:

Open ConceptIMG_2959
Main Street has an open concept, meaning their tasting room is in the same room as the brewing floor. You can sit and drink beer, or get your growler filled, and watch the brewers at work. Before the tasting room became popular in Vancouver, I visited a bunch of breweries in San Diego, and noticed many of their tasting rooms offered the open concept. It’s a very cool experience that you don’t find enough in Vancouver — perhaps we’re seeing a shift?

Cask Program
Built permanently into the bar are four cask handles to accompany the standard offerings of Pilsner, ISA,  and Brown Ale. These constantly rotating, one-off casks just beg the beer nerds back week after week.


Filling growlers at Main Street Brewing

With the opening of Main Street, and construction finally underway at Steel Toad, the area is finally starting to live up to its name. Once Red Truck opens – if it ever will, as this one has been in the works longer than Main Street – let the beer nights-by-foot commence. But until then, the three tasting rooms currently operational should suffice for some nice brewery touring by foot.

Main Street Brewery is open 11am-11pm 7 days a week (great hours, I must say!).


  1. Don’t forget that Red Truck is building their building from scratch. Main Street Only had to do a reno. Much quicker especially with the open concept. Also one year is pretty quick to get a brewery up and running from scratch!

    1. True. I guess I’m just impatient!

      1. I totally understand that.

  2. brad.cooper · · Reply

    Congrats! Working my way to the same goal!

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