Tall Cans Provide Best Deal


Red Racer Copper Ale

There are some out there who are reluctant to switch to craft beer because it can be pricy. Those 6 packs can be a few dollars more than your macro brands, and the price of bombers (650ml bottles) can be questionable at times. There is one area that only a few breweries are tackling right now: 500ml cans.

Here is why 500ml cans are the way to go.


Steamworks Pale Ale

In British Columbia, 500ml cans run on average $2.25 per can. That’s a value price of $.0045 per millilitre. Compare that to the average bomber price of $5.25 per bottle, which is $.0080 per millilitre. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but consider you can get a litre of beer for less just one bomber, that tells me it’s a good buy!

red ale

Red Racer “Formerly Known As ESB” India Red Ale

And it’s not like these are economy beers. We’re talking some delicious craft beer — may I suggest Steamworks Pilsner and Pale Ale, and of course, Red Racer Copper Ale and India Style Red Ale.

A $2.25 Pint!
Did you know 500ml is 20 ounces? So think of it as getting a true 20 ounce pint for the bargain price of $2.25!

Canned Beer is Better! 
Forget that notion that all canned beer tastes like aluminum. Could it be that your lips are currently wrapped around an aluminum can to get the beer? Get that beer out of the can and into the glass. Canned beer protects the beer better than bottled and also preserves it longer.

So let’s recap: 500ml cans are cheap, large, and contains quality beer. I don’t think it gets better than that!


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