Vancouver’s Newest Destination Brewery: Steel Toad

It’s such an exciting time down in the Main Street / Olympic Village area of Vancouver. Yes, the condo construction is booming as the area densifies, but with that comes the influx of hospitality joints. And since the area is already home to many of Vancouver’s best craft breweries, it’s clearly the best spot for Vancouver’s first brewpub since 1995.


Steel Toad Brewpub and Dining Hall just opened its door quietly in the old Opsal Steel Building on Quebec and 2nd Avenue, right on the corner of the Olympic Village, conveniently located in what is now the beer capital of Vancouver.

The brewpub features high vaulted ceilings with the original beams from the old factory (ala CRAFT Beer Market), and a long bar equipped with cask pumps and taps dispensing their Steel Toad beers. The line up includes Blonde, Rye Saison, Nelson Single Hopped Pale Ale, Simcoe Single Hopped Pale Ale, Best Bitter, Oatmeal Stout, and a Rye IPA. And I can confirm, the beers hold up to the ever increasing standard of Vancouver craft beers.


So the beers are great, but that only covers half of their operation. The food is also fantastic. From what I tasted, Steel Toad won’t miss a beat in Vancouver’s foodie scene. And as if it couldn’t get better, they have live music nightly! That is something that is very hard to find, and something that is desperately needed.

Steel Toad is joining an area ripe full of flavour: Tap & Barrel, CRAFT Beer Market, Legacy Liquor, Brassneck Brewery, 33 Acres, and so many more. For the beer geek, the amount of beer you can sip within a few blocks is staggering — you will literally be staggering. The space oozes cool and the products they’re producing reflect that.



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