Baby Steps — Craft Beer in Vancouver’s Stadiums

Parallel 49 Craft Corner

Craft Corner in Pacific Coliseum

Back in February I wrote about the best places to drink craft beer before attending a sporting event in Vancouver. I also wrote an article in BC Craft Beer News regarding the lack of craft beer in Vancouver arenas and stadiums. Other bloggers have also wrote about this issue. But since then, it looks like we are seeing some progress. 

The Pacific Nation Exhibition (PNE) are huge fans of East Vancouver’s Parallel 49 Brewing Company — so much so that they now offer Parallel 49’s beer at both the Hastings Racetrack and the Pacific Coliseum. That was the first instance of craft beer inside Vancouver sporting venues. And a very interesting thing to note: the craft beer served is practically the same price as the Budweiser or Molson beer. 

Rogers Arena Concourse

Rogers Arena concourse desperate for good beer.

But when are we going to see it come to the downtown arenas? Very soon. And it starts tonight with the opening of Bar Jones at Rogers Arena. These are baby steps to finally getting craft beer in the concourse. While this is a separate establishment inside the arena, this is where the craft beer can be found.

Red Racer IPA

Central City’s Red Racer IPA

On tap, we have the likes of Parallel 49’s Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale and Red Truck‘s Lager, among others. And finally there is a true IPA inside the ‘Rog. No longer will people complain about their Alexander Keith’s “IPA” tasting like Budweiser instead of a hop bomb. Now they can saunter over to Bar Jones and grab a Red Racer IPA.

Now when will BC Place make the switch? They might be a little late to the game due to a heavy contract with Labbatt — same with Rogers Arena, but at least they are finding a way around their contract to serve craft beer.

At least we are seeing progress. It is now officially possible to grab a true IPA in Rogers Arena. And I’ll take that over not.



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  1. I think why the locations at the PNE have P49 is because the PNE signed a 3 year contract with p49. I will have to hunt down this vat next time I end up in Rogers Arena.

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