About The Hoppy Ending

IMG_1112The Hoppy Ending is my dedication to presenting the glorious world of craft beer in Canada’s West Coast city of Vancouver.

Vancouver’s craft beer scene has exploded, much like the most of West Coast North America. Due to outdated liquor laws, Vancouver was late to allow craft beer to bloom. But now that these laws are being amended to allow the growth of craft beer, the city is now catching up to the likes of other craft beer hotbeds Portland, San Diego and Seattle.

Anyone who knows me knows one thing: if I get on the subject of craft beer, I can’t shut up. It’s the one thing I am viciously obsessed with and study in my free time. It’s my life.

While I and many others are craft beer nerds, there are so many people who are unaware of the exploding craft beer industry.

Enter The Hoppy Ending. 

Here readers can keep up to date on reviews and trends regarding craft beer in Vancouver. They can learn about what makes a beer “craft,” discover all the different types of beers, and know what to look for when purchasing at a pub or liquor store. And most importantly, keep up to date on what’s up with craft beer in Vancouver.

Overall, The Hoppy Ending wants to make our readers as hoppy as possible.

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