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Baby Steps — Craft Beer in Vancouver’s Stadiums

Back in February I wrote about the best places to drink craft beer before attending a sporting event in Vancouver. I also wrote an article in BC Craft Beer News regarding the lack of craft beer in Vancouver arenas and stadiums. Other bloggers have also wrote about this issue. But since then, it looks like […]

Tall Cans Provide Best Deal

There are some out there who are reluctant to switch to craft beer because it can be pricy. Those 6 packs can be a few dollars more than your macro brands, and the price of bombers (650ml bottles) can be questionable at times. There is one area that only a few breweries are tackling right […]

Vancouver’s Brewery Wave of 2014 Making Landfall

We are a little over halfway through 2014, and already this has been a record year in Vancouver for brewery openings. In 2013, we saw six breweries open up in the likes of Four Winds, Central City Production Facility, 33 Acres, Deep Cove, Brassneck, and Green Leaf. This next wave — the 2014 wave — has already seen nine openings, with more on […]

Vancouver Craft Beer Week – Bigger each year

In only its fifth year, Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) is taking Vancouver by storm… again. Last year I wrote that the event finally went mainstream, with coverage on all major news stations and in the major newspapers. So with that achievement last year, what will we see this year? Well, we’ve already seen a […]

UPDATED Vancouver Brewery Map

Considering how often new breweries are popping up in Vancouver, this brewery map is likely to be far from finished — and that’s not mentioning this map is only of the breweries near Vancouver’s core. There are roughly 18 more breweries outside of this map, so be sure to check them out too! **LAST UPDATED […]

Vancouver craft beer scene in SIP Northwest magazine

The spring issue of SIP Northwest magazine has hit the stands, and the cover story is all about Vancouver. This magazine is distributed mainly in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon, but is available all over the western United States and Canada. Kendall Jones, a beer writer and blogger ( came up to […]

Vancouver vs. Victoria — Craft Beer Capital Showdown

I consider myself a massive advocate for Vancouver’s craft beer scene, but at the same time I am not blinded by my unrelenting praise for the beer scene here. Just over 100 km southwest of Vancouver lies Victoria, a city of around 345,000 and some of the best beer to come out of British Columbia. […]