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Vancouver vs. Victoria – Craft Beer Capital Showdown 2015

Exactly 1 year ago I wrote about how Vancouver and Victoria are currently battling it out for the title of Craft Beer Capital of Canada. (Have a look, it’s on this blog.) Let’s look at what I concluded… Quality: Victoria Quantity: Vancouver Tasting Rooms: Vancouver Tourism Options: Vancouver Craft Beer Pubs: Tie Brewpubs: Victoria Hmm… […]

The Scene Keep Rolling – Vancouver Beer Update

Yes, it has been a while between posts. For that I apologize, but becoming a new Dad and working in Vancouver’s booming¬†craft beer industry is making blogging more of a forgotten pastime. But, within that time off, the beer scene in Vancouver has kept moving forward. We’ve had more brewery openings: Strange Fellows opened, Off […]

What a deal! Ninkasi Beer at BC Liquor Store

Attention beer lovers in BC: your government run liquor store has one hell of a deal. I’m only promoting this because it actually is a decent deal. They currently have stocked a four pack of Ninkasi beers — four 650 mL bottles — for something like $18.50. Normally a single bomber of Ninkasi (an Oregon […]

The ‘Other’ Craft Beer Retailers in Vancouver

If you are a craft beer nerd in Vancouver, you know the top places to get craft beer in Vancouver: Brewery Creek Cold Beer & Wine 3045 Main St. Vancouver BC Firefly Fine Wines and Ales 2857 Cambie St. Vancouver BC Legacy Liquor Store 1633 Manitoba St. Vancouver BC But are these the only places […]

Coming Back in Full Action…

Where the hell has The Hoppy Ending been these last few weeks?! Other than discovering more that BC’s Craft Beer industry has to offer, sometimes things take priority — but rest assured: The Hoppy Ending will be back in full force by the end of May! Drink up, and check out Vancouver Craft Beer Week¬†(May […]