Main Street Brewing Company has finally opened. This one has been a long time coming – it’s been over a year since they planned on opening a brewery. This new addition to Brewery Creek is most definitely welcome – especially when neighbours Brassneck and 33 Acres are maxed out most weekends. A couple things that […]

In only its fifth year, Vancouver Craft Beer Week (VCBW) is taking Vancouver by storm… again. Last year I wrote that the event finally went mainstream, with coverage on all major news stations and in the major newspapers. So with that achievement last year, what will we see this year? Well, we’ve already seen a […]

Considering how often new breweries are popping up in Vancouver, this brewery map is likely to be far from finished — and that’s not mentioning this map is only of the breweries near Vancouver’s core. There are roughly 18 more breweries outside of this map, so be sure to check them out too! **LAST UPDATED […]

The spring issue of SIP Northwest magazine has hit the stands, and the cover story is all about Vancouver. This magazine is distributed mainly in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon, but is available all over the western United States and Canada. Kendall Jones, a beer writer and blogger ( came up to […]

I consider myself a massive advocate for Vancouver’s craft beer scene, but at the same time I am not blinded by my unrelenting praise for the beer scene here. Just over 100 km southwest of Vancouver lies Victoria, a city of around 345,000 and some of the best beer to come out of British Columbia. […]

Now that the Olympics are over, it’s time to look back at the domestic sport. The Canucks are still toiling away fighting for a playoff spot, and next month the Whitecaps are back in action. Often I am asked from out-of-towners where to grab a beer before the game. There are very obvious choices, but […]

Set your sights on Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver! Last December, Green Leaf Brewing opened up right in the market — making for a much needed beer stop in an otherwise beer-less market. This marked the 22nd craft brewery to open in Metro Vancouver (there are now 23 with the recent opening of Black Kettle […]